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Improve your skills and expertise in a specific subject area.


Our company and our partner companies organize innovative short Erasmus + courses in 15 different European countries for teachers and training providers in the field of school education, adult education and vocational training for key action 1. We work together with our international solution partners who have experience in their field.

Teacher training courses run by universities, schools and training centers are offered in 15 European countries. The course you choose will depend on your subject and your location. Whichever course you choose, your workouts will be largely the same.

Good training and reflection are essential parts of a teacher's professional life.

We offer teachers a range of different training and development opportunities, depending on their experience and needs. Training courses are offered online, face-to-face, or a mixture of both. Our approach to education and training helps teachers to become self-confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and committed. Our wide range of vocational training courses are designed and organized taking into account the needs of competent teachers who may be of interest at the level of pre-school, elementary school, secondary school, high school, vocational education and adult education. 

TEA offers various training and workshops by our professional staff who are experts in their fields. Our training provides the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques to enhance professional development and increase leadership skills.

Our courses are open to participation not only in Erasmus Plus grant but also in all grant programs and participants' own budgets.

We can design courses suitable for your institution's needs, especially on the following topics, for groups of at least 7 people.


With our wide network of trainers, we can also prepare course content that is not written here. Please contact us.
We would like to see all World teachers in our courses.

For detailed information about the courses and to register, please contact us.

1.     I Can Be an Environmental Educator 
2.    Developing Social Skills in Children Through Creative Drama In Education.
3.    Key Competences for the 21st Century 
4.    School Visits Program
5.    Multilingual And Multicultural Education
6.    Different Approaches at Early Childhood Education
7.    CLIL Method İn English Teaching
8.    Going Digital İn English Classroom
9.    Preventing Violence İn School
10.    Restorative Justice and Narrative Therapy
11.    Media And Information Literacy Lab
12.    Coding, Computational Thinking and Robotics İn The Classroom
13.    Multilingual And Multicultural Education
14.    School Circles, Bullying conflicts Resolution
15.    Using AI Tools In Teaching
16.    ICT İn Early Childhood Education
17.    Intelligence Of Emotions 
18.    Coding, Computational Thinking and Robotics İn The Classroom
19.    Inquiry Based Science Learning (IBSL) İn Education 
20.    Steam Project Design Lab_ From Philosophy to Practice
21.    Educational Gamification
22.    Game-Based Learning and Gamification İn Early Childhood Education



Pre-Confirmed Courses


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08/12 April 2024 


The purpose of this study trip is to share and learn together with Estonian educators about the Estonian education and training system, as well as the key factors that lead Estonia to globally recognized educational success. The main interest is in the daily
education application. The program consists of preparatory classes of the Estonian schoo
l system, visits to various training centers and schools and practical pedagogical workshops.
During the visits there is time to talk with Estonian educators, principals and teachers and ask questions about their teaching practices, methods or challenges they face during their

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Democratic education within the public school system, how to do that?

01/05 July 2024 TALLINN



This course will provide the basis for setting a democratic-education based practice within the
al school system, including
strategies to involve administrators, families and students..

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Amazing insight into Outdoor Education   June 24-28 2024   

Lamezia Terme/ITALY


This is a 20 hour course that will introduce
educators to the various pedagogical
approaches in Outdoor Education and help
them plan, create, manage, and promote
outdoor education within their European area.
You will receive a certificate of attendance
which can be added to your Europass
certificate. In this course, we will complete
quizzes to check comprehension and a
multi-faceted final assessment exam. Our
courses are in line with the Erasmus+ Quality
standards for courses under Key Action 1
(learning mobility of individuals

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Digital Tools for Teachers

01/05 July 2024 MADRID/SPAIN



This course seeks to reflect on the purpose of using digital tools in education, assess what they contribute and how they can complement
different educational methodologies, analyse some of them and design educational projects with a clear purpose so that they can have an
impact and be useful for the teaching-learning process. The course will be eminently practical, with sessions that provide useful information
combined with practical group 

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Achieving Digital Transformation in Classes/Schools/Education

08/12 April 2024


This 5-day course (4 hour per day) offers an understanding of digital transformation in educational environments. Through case studies, workshops, and lectures, participants will explore key strategies, tools, and concepts necessary to drive successful digital transformation in educational environments.

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Integrating Language and Content_ A Comprehensive CLIL

June 24-28 2024   

Lamezia Terme/ITALY


This workshop is designed for Erasmus teachers
seeking to enhance their skills in Content and
Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). The course
provides an in-depth exploration of CLIL
principles, strategies, and practical
applications, equipping participants with the
knowledge and tools to effectively integrate
language and content in their classrooms

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