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Quality Standards For Our Courses

Advance and complete information about the course:

Prior to enrollment, participants receive information about the background and background of the relevant trainer(s), the targeted public, the learning objectives and methodologies of the course, and are sent to each participant by e-mail.
In the information package, the size and composition of the course group, language, content, objectives, pedagogical approach, teaching methods and learning outcomes, as well as the dates, duration, location and schedule of the activities.

Application process and Preparation:

Teachers Education Academy offers a simple, accessible and transparent application and selection process.
Participants are provided with a list of equipment required for the course or training, as well as information on the necessary preparatory provisions they must complete 1 month before the training date.

Transparent costs and Changes and cancellations:

All fees required to attend the course are sent to participants in an information pack prior to enrollment, along with the services covered by these fees, as well as a list of optional services that must be paid separately. The terms and conditions of participation in the course are determined in writing.


In case of changes in the fees, content, dates, location or program of the Activities, the participant is offered the opportunity to cancel their participation without paying any additional fee, provided that they give at least 4 weeks' notice. Participation cancellation and reimbursement for events beyond the control of either party (such as natural disasters or severe transportation disruptions) are included in the course terms and conditions.

High-quality teaching

Our trainings are appropriate in pedagogical approaches, up-to-date and tailored to the learning needs and proficiency of the participants. Our courses combine theory with practical application and include a well-designed approach to monitoring and evaluation with clear feedback to participants.

Inspiring and interactive learning and Reliable, innovative and relevant content:

Inspiring and interactive learning: Our courses are Engaging and interactive, triggering new perspectives for every participant. Educators support sharing and productivity among participants.

Reliable, innovative and relevant content: Our course content is up-to-date, evidence-based and based on the latest research and practice in the field. Our educators provide support on how it can be used by participants in their own context.

Use of digital tools and blended learning: Digital tools (Asynchronous learning) will be used to enrich and complement the learning process before, during or after the physical course.

European values and policies and Group formation and networking opportunities

European values and policies: Our courses reflect the values of the European Union and contribute to European policies supported by the Erasmus+ programme.


Our courses provide participants with opportunities to meet their peers from other countries. Our courses will be open not only to Erasmus Plus program countries, but also to participants from outside Europe who will come with different grants or their own budgets. Thus, Participants will share various practices and experiences, benefit from intercultural learning and have the opportunity to establish contacts with potential partners for future cooperation and exchange.

Services and facilities

Support: Before, during and after the course, Teachers Education Academy handles participants' questions, inquiries and requests in a timely and effective manner. Participants will continue to be supported on the social media platform that will be opened specifically for the course.

Qualified staff: Our trainers who provide the course content have sufficient qualifications, recognized and up-to-date expertise and experience to deliver the training curriculum. A list of our course trainers can be viewed by everyone on our website.

Course duration and program: The duration of the course is proportional to the course objectives. One-day physical course activities include at least five hours of learning activities.

Venue: The Course Venue will be rented in accordance with the identified learning objectives and learning strategies used, the number of participants attending, relevant health and safety standards, and accessible to persons with disabilities.

Inclusion: Our services are provided inclusively without any discrimination, with special attention being paid to allow equal access to participants with special educational needs.

Feedback: At the end of each day, Participants have the opportunity to provide an evaluation of the course and feedback on their experience. We believe that this feedback will take our future sessions to a higher level. In case of any complaints, complaints will be handled in a timely, efficient, fair and constructive manner.


Continuous learning: The Academy provides guidance to participants on further steps they can take to track and improve course results.

Facilitating institutional impact: The Academy will share training materials with the participants in order to facilitate the transfer of acquired knowledge and competences into practice in the institutions of the participants.


Certification of learning outcomes: Our participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance with the name of the participant, a brief description of the course and learning outcomes, dates, locations, the name of the course provider and course instructor(s). In addition, each participant will be provided with a Europass certificate.

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