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Zlatko Grusanovic/Serbia

The encounter with Estonian education, organized by Teachers Education Academy, is a wonderful effortless navigation through a system with which every education has something to exchange, but also to learn. This is also a new training system, small groups, adapted to interests, I would call it integrative training adapted to the individuality of everyone in the group.

Ivan Savic/Serbia

The great experience of the study trip in Estonia, organized by the Teachers education academy, provides a completely new approach to the professional development of employees in education, a comprehensive approach to the entire system, in which each factor and level leads to better education for all.


The program shows many school, very different, which are the mirror of the community in which they are. I was really impressed and I found them all beautiful and interesting in their peculiarities. I notice that everyone works for the well being of the students. 
My thought is that the program is perfect for times and opportunities to see many realities, very well organized and conducted by friendly but competent professionals.

Dunja Bullacher/Germany

The program was very balanced and interesting. We saw many different educational institutions and were able to form our own impression on site.

Maria Bondoc

I came to this course with several expectations in mind:
I was eager to delve into the world of AI and understand its applications in education.
I am extremely satisfied with the insights I have gained throughout this week. It's gratifying to note that my initial expectations have been met. Considering that I undertook this journey specifically for this course, I feel that it was truly worth it

Esra Duru Çetin/Türkiye

As a whole, the programme was quite beneficial for the participants  in diverse aspects , we enjoyed to explore the system and different types of schools , to negotiate ourselves about our countries’ systems and criticized ,compared our ideas with eachother .

Tuki Clavero


I attended the company's training on Artificial Intelligence in the Netherlands. I was very pleased with the instructor and the training in general. I recommend it to everyone.

Nejc Marinšek/Slovenia

Making students to have a big wish to go to school every day is priceless. With changing teachers in thinking that, this should become a normal routine in every country and it would have a big positive impact on society.

Richard Powers/Germany

The schools we visited were an excellent range. The visits to the schools were amazing.  The Russian School and Juri Gymnasium and Special Needs school went out of their ways to welcome us and give us lots of important information. Visiting actual lessons is so valuable!!!  I know you ask for one thing, but I have to mention how excellent Mehmet and Kathrin were as guides.  WOW!  I've been on lots of other types of tours, and Mehmet and Kathrin were on another level in terms of professionalism, organization and ensuring we had a good time and our expectations were met. I would go on another tour of schools at once. Also, the 10 people on this tour were amazing--dedicated, interested and experienced educators from Romania, Ukraine, Slovenia, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Turkey--I felt I made real connections and friends over the five days being together. Such an amazing group! 
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