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CLIL Strategies for Teaching English Language


  Available Dates

 May-June 2022

Location: Tallinn ESTONIA


A tailor-made training can be designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of organizations with 6 or more participants.


Upon successful completion- as determined by attendance, participation a certificate is awarded.


Content-based teaching model is a language teaching method that proposes to integrate language teaching into content teaching. CLIL is one of the most popular foreign language teaching methods today. While teaching the content of different courses such as Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, Social Sciences, Citizenship, it also covers the teaching of a foreign language. In other words, there is teaching using a foreign language, not teaching a foreign language at its core. This method, which is used extensively in Canada and America, has gradually become widespread in Europe.

Who is this course for?
Our CLIL course is designed for teachers who want or are already teaching content subjects such as History, Science or Mathematics, for example, in English.

How will this course help you improve?
This CLIL course will give you a solid foundation in CLIL if you're a newly qualified teacher in the ELT' field and will help you build on your existing skills if you're already working in the field. You will look at how to incorporate EFL (English as a Foreign Language) techniques into subject teaching to help students understand instructions, materials, and explanations. You will also look at material creation, second language acquisition theories and how they relate to CLIL. This course will equip you to work more effectively in this context.




    Course Trainer:   Judit Fehér

  Judit Fehér is a freelance teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. She has extensive
teaching experience ranging from pre-school to post-graduate. Judit is a Pilgrims and
British Study Centres trainer, running courses mainly in the UK and giving workshops at
international conferences and events. Her main interests are CLIL, materials writing and
She has run CLIL methodology courses since 2006, typically two-week mixed-subject
courses in the summer in Canterbury, UK for Pilgrims Teacher Training. She also ran threeand
four-week courses for music and art teachers at the same location. Additionally, she
ran a CLIL methodology course and a CLIL mentor training course in 2019 in Nur-Sultan,
Kazakhstan for British Study Centres. Most of the teaching materials Judit has written
target secondary students. These include textbooks, workbooks, resource books and
online materials. Her other publications include Creative Resources with Bonnie Tsai (IAL,
Atlanta), a chapter in Creativity in the English language classroom (British Council) and
some articles on the British Council Learn English website as well as in professional
magazines, such as the English Teaching Professional, Humanising Language Teaching and
The Teacher Trainer. Her CLIL related publication

   Please contact us for the course program and detailed information.

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