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Social Inclusion: In Practice” For Teachers On How To Exercise Social Inclusion In Their Classrooms

Short description of this training course:
“SOCIAL INCLUSION: in practice” is a training course for teachers who wish to enhance the level of social inclusion within their classrooms. During this training course we aim to reach a deeper understanding on how inclusion works and can be cultivated within the educational system through various methods and examples from schools that are successfully inclusive in their communities. This training course gives the participants a chance to have a hands-on learning experience as one of the outcomes of this learning process is to put together a practical strategy on how to be more inclusive in their classes.

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Course Trainer Lee Jenner

She has been a freelance trainer, facilitator and educator in the field of non-formal
education for nearly a decade now. She has focused on developing her soft skills in order
to reach, read and engage people better and create more meaningful learning experiences for everyone involved. As a freelancer trainer and educator She works mostly withmulticultural young adults (age 16-30), but also with adults.
The topics She works with are: social inclusion, intercultural learning, non-formal learning,
project-based learning, team building, leadership training, self-development, storytelling,
creative writing etc.
As a trainer her focus is on creating a learning experience that accommodates all different types of learners.

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