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Estonia has recently become a successful role model in education around the world. According to the 2018 results of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), Estonia ranked 1st in Europe. Why not come and see for yourself what's behind Estonia's high test results and explore Estonia with its rich history, culture and beautiful natural surroundings.

Estonian educators, principals, teachers will share their inspiration and knowledge and offer insights that you may find useful in improving education in your country.

During the programme, you will have the opportunity to learn from Estonian teachers and administrators about their experiences and best practices in Estonia.

Educational Institutions/School visit is open to anyone interested in the Estonian education system, including decision makers, administrative representatives, researchers, businesses, principals, teachers, investors, journalists, and those seeking inspiration and networking.

You’ll marvel at Estonia’s education system.

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Target Group: It is planned for school founders, administrators, educators, teachers and academicians.

Duration: 5 days

Content: Visiting many educational institutions, including kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, high school, vocational high school and the university where teacher training is held, informative presentations to be given by university lecturers,

Number of Participants: Minimum 10 maximum 30 participants

When: suggest a suitable day for you!

You can fill in the pre-registration form to request detailed information.

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The encounter with Estonian education, organized by Teachers Education Academy, is a wonderful effortless navigation through a system with which every education has something to exchange, but also to learn. This is also a new training system, small groups, adapted to interests, I would call it integrative training adapted to the individuality of everyone in the group.

Zlatko Grusanovic

 Director, Institute for Improvement of Education, Serbia

The great experience of the study trip in Estonia, organized by the Teachers education academy, provides a completely new approach to the professional development of employees in education, a comprehensive approach to the entire system, in which each factor and level leads to better education for all.

Ivan Savic

Assistant Director, Institute for Improvement of Education, Serbia

We have been looping into classrooms where i have got a lot of inspiratie to do in my class and shareware with my colleages at home.

I recommend this course to my colleagues

Nele /Belgium

The study visit provided me new knowledge about the Estonian education system.Study visit program was organized and well planned.

Anne Van Vooren


It was perfect that The visits at the schools and talks with the headmaster, the explanations from Anna and at the University about the education in Estonia and the check in the schools 

I recommend this course to my colleagues

Patrick Timmerman/Belgium

The trainers were professional and well informed    The sessions were well planned and informative    My needs and requests were taken into account    

Ellen Dobbelaere


The visits to the school. It gave me a lot of inspiration to take back home. The study visit provided me new knowledge about the Estonian education system.Study visit program was organized and well planned.

I recommend this course to my colleagues

Evelien Van Caenegem


It was perfect that  Explanation of the education system at university, School visits basic education and kindergarten. I will remember the flexibility and the warmth you give us! 

Magali Marey


I am very satisfied with the program. School administrators and administrators really welcomed us very nicely and kindly. Many thanks to the coordinators and everyone who organized the program.I recommend this course to my colleagues

Ayla Ergen


We have seen the education and training process closely by making a school visit for a very intensive, productive and useful programmed education.



I loved it. We 've seen different Schools. We met à lot of interessting people. It gives a good insite in the estonian education system system.

Marijke Sacré 


It gave me the opportunity to see the differences.Hospitality was all good. They were all different from each other. I expect the opportunities they have to be in our country, and the methods they apply to be implemented. I wish them success and I expect them to become sister schools with schools in Turkey.



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