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School Circles and Conflict Resolution 

The course is not a technical and dry guideline for teachers, but a revolutionary view about
conflicts comprehension and resolution. It is a complete manual that enables teachers,
students and everyone involved in the educational system to make informed choices about
how to best solve conflicts in particular contexts. Beyond that the course provide rich details
about a non hierarchical vision of relations in order to benefit those that are operating in
difficult social contexts and multiracial environments. It helps to express personal talents of
relation to avoid pitfalls, maximize impact of educational system, what to do about disciplinary
problems that arise.

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COURSE TRAINER: Dr. Giacomo Gerlin 

He started his career in 1998 with some collaborations on local industries and banking groups. 
Actually He is a freelance teacher, sport trainer, psychologist and Yoga teacher. He started to practice Yoga at 12 y.o. and teaching on 2010.
He is graduated in Law and Psychology. His  experience and studies are concentrated on the areas of communication, negotiation, active listening, Psychology and trauma resolution.
He works also with Narrative therapy and Restorative Justice. He teachs on Erasmus + courses for sport and teacher trainings. 
He teachs on courses about Anxiety management.
As a Yoga teacher He is specialized on Hatha Yoga courses, Yoga Therapy and Vedanta.
He works also on courses based on Polyvagal Theory and the connections between microbioma and mental health.
Due to his  presence on the credit sectorhe had some experiences on microcredit.
He published 2 books on Yoga, 1 publication on Corporate Social Responsibility and 1 publication on Calculation of Happyness in Governement balance

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