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Project Based Learning

Short description of this training course:
“Project based learning by doing” – is a training course designed for teachers who wish to learn how to incorporate Project-based Learning and Non-formal Learning methods in their classes. During this training course we aim to get a deeper understanding of both of these learning methods, their principals and terminology. We look at how to design and carry out 
learning experiences for our students using Project-based Learning and Non-formal Learning methods. The participants will reflect on their roles as teachers withing these learning frameworks and put together a practical strategy plan on how to use these methods in their daily work.

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Course Trainer Lee Jenner

She has been a freelance trainer, facilitator and educator in the field of non-formal
education for nearly a decade now. She has focused on developing her soft skills in order
to reach, read and engage people better and create more meaningful learning experiences for everyone involved. As a freelancer trainer and educator She works mostly withmulticultural young adults (age 16-30), but also with adults.
The topics She works with are: social inclusion, intercultural learning, non-formal learning,
project-based learning, team building, leadership training, self-development, storytelling,
creative writing etc.
As a trainer her focus is on creating a learning experience that accommodates all different types of learners.

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