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Preventing Violence  in School


Available Date

11-15 April 2022.

Upon successful completion- as determined by attendance, participation a certificate is awarded.

What is school violence?

School violence is violence that occurs in the school setting. It describes violent acts that disrupt learning and have a negative effect on students, schools, and the broader community. School is the location where the violence occurs, not a type of violence.Each year up to 1 billion children experience some form of physical, sexual or psychological violence or neglect. Being a victim of violence in childhood has lifelong impacts on education, health, and well-being. Exposure to violence can lead to educational underachievement due to cognitive, emotional, and social problems

Who is this course for?

All schools work to prevent school violence and schools are very safe places. Students, staff, and parents all have an important role in promoting school safety. Adults can provide leadership by reassuring students that schools are generally very safe places for children and youth and reiterating what safety measures and student supports are already in place in their schools

How will this course help you improve?

In this course, teachers will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of child development and disorders and understand ways in which to prevent bullying, abuse and violence. Course provide details about intervention, response and prevention strategies that can help reduce violence in the school.

Course Trainer
Beatrice- Alina Anton has been working as a counselor in an official public school for 17 years. By analyzing specific problems in the school environment.
It produces solutions for problems of adaptation to school,working skills, failure and dropping out of school. Organizedindividual educational counseling and/or group activities forstudents, parents and teachers. She has developed andimplemented prevention and intervention programs for schoolviolence, drugs, other risky behaviors and alcohol.

Please contact us for the course program and detailed information.

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