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Various teaching approaches may be considered age-appropriate for teaching the all Curriculum in the early years of school. The teacher's role in enacting a range and balance of age-appropriate pedagogies involves deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful decision making and actions to promote children's innate drive for independent learning.


The purpose of this workshop is to help European educators make informed decisions about curriculum content and pedagogical approaches in Early Childhood Education.

Course content are based on theory and research about how children develop and learn; they reflect the growing consensus among early childhood professional organizations that a greater emphasis needs to be placed on young children’s learning abilities, acquisition of basic skills, child-centered approaches and participation in meaningful and relevant learning experiences. 


Thus, this workshop combines theory with practical examples of participatory and child-centered approaches to learning and education.


Additionally, it provides educators with possibilities to reflect on their own working styles and perspectives while further developing their teaching skills and capacities.


TRAINER: Gulsah van Dijk :

Gülşah has an extensive experience as pedagogue and teacher in several age groups and sizes.She is supporting several foundations, organizations and parent groups on general and specificpedagogical topics through presentations, trainings and individual coaching. Next tot his she isactive in setting up and maintaining relationships with sponsors, fundraising and networking activities.

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