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Game-Based Learning and Gamification in Early Childhood Education

Gamified learning is one of the most prominent trends which has been successfully implemented in early childhood learning. While it was being used even before the pandemic, this approach gained particular prominence during the lockdown.Gamification helps build the learner’s engagement, clarifies or strengthens concepts and skills through an activity-based, hands-on approach to learning.

Gamification of learning has also proven to be an effective way for children to apply their learning and test their knowledge.

There are numerous and compelling benefits of gamification:

1. It enables a deeper engagement in the learning
2. Learning becomes fun, interactive results in faster assimilation.
3. Active learning through gamification leads to a clearer understanding
4. It provides real-time feedback

Gamified learning builds early skills of observation, thinking, strategizing, decision making, collaboration, etc. It is important to note that this strategy is not dependant solely on technology integration. Any creative activity which integrates the key elements of game-based learning reaps the benefits that this approach offers.


TRAINER: Gulsah van Dijk :

Gülşah has an extensive experience as pedagogue and teacher in several age groups and sizes.She is supporting several foundations, organizations and parent groups on general and specificpedagogical topics through presentations, trainings and individual coaching. Next tot his she isactive in setting up and maintaining relationships with sponsors, fundraising and networking activities.

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