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Going Digital in English Classroom


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A tailor-made training can be designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of organizations with 6 or more participants.


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In this course, you will discover the skills, knowledge, digital tools and resources you need to design and deliver effective online English lessons. You will get ideas from the trainerand you will have the opportunity to share your experiences and ideas with other course participants. 

When you start the course, you will learn how to prepare for online teaching. You will discover and research the equipment you need and choose an online platform and learn how to create materials and activities for English lessons. By using digital learning you will develop your professionalism and you will also be able to make your English lessons more fun and flexible.

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Course Trainer Duygu EFETÜRK

She graduated from Ankara University and worked in America for 2 years. Since 2007 She has been working as an English Language Teacher and the project coordinator at İstiklal

Makzume Anatolian High school in İskenderun, HATAY. She  participated 2 international

events by Turkish National Agency and Romania National Agency as a participant in 2011

and 2012 (USCOP, ANTALYA) and (COACH 2 COACH in Romania). Now She has  been

working as a content developer and a MOOC writer for teacher through eTwinning by

YEĞİTEK and She  has  2 MOOCs entitled Active and digital citizenship in eTwinning Projects (TR, Eng), (Writer), 2018 and The Rise of 21 Century Skills in ELT, (TR, Eng),( (Writer), 2021  She  was chosen by CSS, Brussels and represented Turkey in the 2019 ANNUAL CONFERANCE of eTwinning in France Cannes. She  ran a workshop and hosted 80 teacher participants throughout Europe within the theme of DEMOCRACY, which was the annual theme of the year 2019.In 2022, She ran a workshop for teachers about Media Literacy and Critical Thinking Skills (https:// )

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