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Course: ICT in Early Childhood Education
The main objective of the course is to prepare the participants to utilize ICT effectively to encourage peer collaboration, deepen students learning, increase learning motivation, enable students autonomy and inspire creative thinking. The students will embrace the ICT as being fun and easy to use.  This course will provide substantial knowledge of ICT and how to use this in the educational program. 
The course is designed as an interactive process with an emphasis on understanding the context and how to best position ICT in early childhood education learning. After the introduction and theoretical context, the participants will get to understand how to use this in their practical environment. The focus is on experiential learning and workshop approach. 


TRAINER: Gulsah van Dijk :

Gülşah has an extensive experience as pedagogue and teacher in several age groups and sizes.She is supporting several foundations, organizations and parent groups on general and specificpedagogical topics through presentations, trainings and individual coaching. Next tot his she isactive in setting up and maintaining relationships with sponsors, fundraising and networking activities.

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