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Erasmus Plus Job Shadowing for Teachers

Teachers Education Academy offers you and your staff a unique opportunity to learn from
the famous Estonian education system by job shadowing Estonian teachers. During your
visit, you will observe everyday life in Estonian schools and see how local teachers in their
classrooms apply Estonian education in practice. For job shadowing, we recommend a
group of at least two people from one school, so the experiences can be shared and
reflected upon during your visit. This may enhance more effective implementation at your
own school. However, we cannot guarantee that a group of three people (or larger) can visit
the same school.
You and your colleagues can job shadow in any type of school, except for university:
kindergartens (1-5 years), pre-primary (6 years), primary (7-12 years), lower secondary
(13-15 years), high schools or vocational schools (16-18 years). You can choose your
preference during the online registration process.

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