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Anxiety  Management for Teachers and Students 

The course is especially designed for teacher and students, but it contents are useful for
every person and applicable to any workplace. During the course will be explained and
discussed the newest researches of Psychology, Neurology and Psychiatry. The connection
between mind and body will be experienced with practical exercises. The techniques exposed
are studied to find an application with students from the primary school to university. After the
success in Italy this is the first version in English dedicated to an European public, with
special sections dedicated to different cultures.

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COURSE TRAINER: Dr. Giacomo Gerlin 

He started his career in 1998 with some collaborations on local industries and banking groups. 
Actually He is a freelance teacher, sport trainer, psychologist and Yoga teacher. He started to practice Yoga at 12 y.o. and teaching on 2010.
He is graduated in Law and Psychology. His  experience and studies are concentrated on the areas of communication, negotiation, active listening, Psychology and trauma resolution.
He works also with Narrative therapy and Restorative Justice. He teachs on Erasmus + courses for sport and teacher trainings. 
He teachs on courses about Anxiety management.
As a Yoga teacher He is specialized on Hatha Yoga courses, Yoga Therapy and Vedanta.
He works also on courses based on Polyvagal Theory and the connections between microbioma and mental health.
Due to his  presence on the credit sectorhe had some experiences on microcredit.
He published 2 books on Yoga, 1 publication on Corporate Social Responsibility and 1 publication on Calculation of Happyness in Governement balance

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